This week’s TBR/Library Haul!


So I went into the library to put a few books on hold and to possibly check out a book if anything caught my eye. Well, as always, I put about six books on hold and checked out four. Oops.

I finished Jonas Jonasson’s book, The 100-Year-Old Man who climbed Out of His Window and Disappeared, and immediately began My Life Next Door.

Speaking of that book, can we talk about that book spine? It is so cute! I don’t know why I think of the 1950s when I see it but it just looks so adorable and retro to me. Then we’ve got the gorgeous front and back covers.

I decided to read it because of a) the adorable cover and spine and b) it was recommended to me by a literary agent friend of mine. How could I not give it a whirl? After all, I’m just a teenager with nothing to do in her summer but practically live in the library and tell you all about my literary endeavors.

And sadly, I won’t be participating in the current Booktubeathon because of this impromptu haul but I may try the Readathon that is this August. Someone remind me of its name!

Update: it’s called Bout of Books

Thanks for reading and leave me comments below! What’s on your tbr pile this week/month? Are you doing the BookTubeathon?


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