Review: The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared


Longest. Book title. Ever.

“There was less than an hour to go before his birthday party would begin in the lounge of the Old Folks’ home. The mayor would be there. And the local paper…It was only the Birthday Boy himself who didn’t intend to turn up. “

As you know, Allan is 100 years old but in pretty good health, at least for someone of his age. But he doesn’t wish to die in the nursing home he’s been cooped up in; too boring. So on his birthday, he escapes. With no route in mind, he boards the next bus to anywhere he can go. But on this bit of a road trip, he somehow manages to murder a few people, steal millions of dollars (er, Crowns, the currency in the book), and be chased by notorious members of a group called Never Again How did a 100 year old man do this and why? Well, Allan’s a pretty interesting guy who has had a pretty interesting life. From dining with presidents and world leaders to making atomic bombs, he’s done it all. You can read his whole story in the book.

But… That is sort of what leads me to make this review. At first, I found his back story to be fun to read. But after a while, I began to skip those chapters to get to the more “exciting” chapters, aka the ones about him being on the run. At least for me, Allan’s back story dragged on a little too long.

Jonasson infused the book with humor, which adds to the entertainment factor. I’m not sure how to explain this but a lot of the humor was just in the situation. (For example, a hundred year old man wanted for all these crimes was made to be humorous /ridiculous sounding.)

Who do I recommend it to?
The book is appropriate for teens and adults, though I believe it is an adult book. It is very appropriate and contains only a couple swear words. However, I’d say teens like me may also find themselves skipping over his rendez-vous’ with Mao Zedong and Roosevelt, unless of course you like those stories. I found them to be a bit irrelevant after a certain point.

On to my rating

8/10 stars
Finishing the book: 1/2 stars
Originality: 2/2 stars
Entertainment: 1.5 stars/2 (the humor was a nice touch)
Connecting with the characters: 1.5 stars/2
Writing quality:2/2 stars

And random photo of the day that I found in my camera roll. Why I took this photo of the TV is beyond me.


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