Review: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I’ve decided to save reviewing My Life Next Door for another week in favor of publishing my review of Obsidian.

My summary
Moving to new places is hard. Especially for Kat when she moves to the lovely state of West Virginia, where she discovers she has an out-of-this-world attractive neighbor Daemon and his sister Dee next door. Literally. Turns out they are aliens, as are most people in this town. And these aliens have enemies that prey on humans and kill them to steal the abilities of the Luxen like Daemon. It’s a thrilling story of forbidden love and the fight to save those you care about. There is no return to normalcy for Kat.


I loved this. I was on my toes the entire time that I read it. I feared for everyone’s lives just as I’m sure Jennifer Armentrout hoped for. If this book sounds like your cup of tea, you should read it.

By the way, Obsidian is the first book in Lux series.

I also found it really cool to read the bonus scenes included at the end of the book. They are chapters in the book told from Daemons perspective rather than Kat’s.

Now the complaints.

There was a little too much back and forth between Kat and Daemon. I get he was torn about do I love you, can I love you, should I be an ass to you, should I be nice? But it happened way too much. There were several scenes that were almost replicas of each other; Daemon acting really arrogant and condescending but then saying, Kat I like you! And then she gets mad because you can’t act like that to her and then say you like her. And then they like each other. And then he’s an ass again.

I like how the cover has the storm brewing in the background and dark colors all around. This replicates the feeling you get in the book. What I don’t love is Daemon. I don’t fall for the creepy Daemon on the cover. You fall for the Daemon in the book.

But, I loved the book as a whole. Its very different than Don’t Look Back so if you don’t like one of the two, try the other.

Rating time!
Finishing the book: 2/2 stars
Every time I saw the book, I couldn’t wait to continue reading it. I didn’t read it in one sitting, but that was my own fault.
Originality: 1.5/2 stars
Forbidden love is not new. But I’ve never read a book with a human falling for an alien/human in a town of alien/humans.
Entertainment: 2/2 stars
Kat dumps spaghetti on Daemon in the cafeteria. Well played, Kat.
Connecting with the characters: 2/2 stars
This was one of those books that when you finish them you feel like you just got off the plane from a far away vacation. You don’t feel the same after living in the world in the book.
Writing quality: 1.5/2 stars
I enjoyed Don’tย  Look Back’s writing style more but I can’t complain. It was a really good book.

Total: 9/10 stars!
Verdict: Read it.


6 thoughts on “Review: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

    • Thanks so much!!! I know, right? And I haven’t started reading the sequel yet. I figured in case I didn’t like the first book I wouldn’t get the whole series at once but I really want to get the sequel now. I’m glad it’s not one of those series’ that falls short after the first book ๐Ÿ™‚

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