How do I Find Books I Want to Read? (Part 1)

As you may have noticed, I tend to check out several books at once. But how did I pick them?

1) Goodreads
I’ve used Goodreads for years and I love it. I can track what I read, set goals for myself, and get recommendations for books I haven’t read based on books that I have. Your friends can also recommend you books. Listopia allows you to vote up books within lists but also to browse lists. For example, a list titled Best Books of 2014 is going to contain books that real people have nominated and voted on to be the best books of the year. Not only can I help one of my favorite books out, I can look through the list for books I haven’t read and read about them. Best of all, both the app and the site are free!

2) Booktube
This is a recent discovery of mine. I’ve been subscribed to dozens of beauty gurus and listened to their recommendations. However, it never occurred to me that there was a similar sort of thing for books! Here are real people that seem almost like your virtual friends recommending you books (or telling you ones they don’t recommend) and making you really want to read them. TBR videos, for example, are where these booktubers show you what they want to read and tell you what the book is supposedly about. When watching these videos there’s usually a lot of books you never would’ve thought to read but now want to give a chance. And the best part about booktubers over beauty gurus is that to try these books, there is no cost. You don’t have to run to a store and buy something you may not like. Libraries exist! (Who doesn’t love free books?)

Read my post on favorite book tubers if you are interested in watching a few of them 🙂

3) Browsing the library
When people in town think of me, they probably associate me with the library. So it is no surprise that I’m advocating libraries to you yet again, but I strongly feel that libraries are not used enough. Think about it; while all these people are paying for books you read once, you could just go to a library for the exact same books and pay nothing for them! Libraries also have free programs, and some offer online services (, Rocket languages, free music, etc,) and even admissions to local attractions. Peruse your library and see what they offer! Better yet, if your library doesn’t have, say the movie you want, they can put it on hold for you and it’ll arrive free of cost in a matter of days depending on the item.

I’ve found so many great books just by walking around and seeing what jumps out at me. Some libraries have special sections with staff recommendations, but if yours doesn’t, just ask a librarian! People ask me all the time about books I’d recommend. (I work at my library). If they work at a library, it’s part of their job to give you information about books!

How do you find books to read? Do you use Goodreads? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “How do I Find Books I Want to Read? (Part 1)

    • Yeah! Sometimes I’ll look up a book on amazon for more information about it and it always suggests a slew of books that are similar to the one I’m reading about that I never would have known existed. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  1. I used Amazon for a long while then stopped when I discovered Goodreads. I prefer to use Goodreads because it’s more a book community. These days a lot of reviewers use animated GIFs to comment on romance novels so I find them entertaining (although it could be frustrating when viewing on mobile phone during poor connection).
    I’ve only discovered booktube when I researched for blog post ideas. I find this method tedious – you’d have to know the books that you want to read in order to find a specific booktube. Unless if you subscribe to a booktube & listen/watch regularly.
    Libraries in Malaysia is hopeless. I didn’t rely on recommendations by library when I lived in Australia & the UK so I don’t use this method.

    • Thanks so much for commenting!! I agree; I prefer Goodreads to Amazon. As for booktube, I was more referring to subscribing to booktubers. I have some favorite youtubers who have similar book tastes to mine and so when they come out with new videos, I usually find something that I want to read.

      I’d love to learn more about library systems in other countries and continents. (I live in the USA.) I’m sure they are very different than the libraries I am used to and I can imagine why you may not use that method.

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