Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis


                                      (Photo is from Goodreads)
           “What does it take to survive aboard a spaceship fueled by lies?”

Amy has a choice; she can be frozen and join her parents aboard a ship embarking on a three-hundred-year long voyage to another planet, or stay behind on Earth and see what the future holds. She joins her parents, expecting to wake up with them on this new planet. But when she wakes up, she is early; fifty years early. Everyone she knew on Earth is now dead, and she’ll be old by the time her parents wake up and the ship makes it to the new planet. She is forced to live her life in a world of people who play by their own rules. Even worse, she didn’t wake up on accident. Someone tried to murder her, and they may still be around.

In short: Amy wakes up too early because someone tried to murder her. Chaos ensues.

Murder. Dystopia. Sci-fi. Romance.
This book has it all.

I’m always looking for nice three-dimensional characters. Amy is a really well-built character. You can picture her vividly and tap into her thinking. She doesn’t conform; she defies. She knows what she believes and isn’t capricious about it. I love that. Then we’ve got Elder, who is also a strong character. I’d explain more but I want all my reviews spoiler-free. I’ll let you uncover the steamy stuff by reading the book for yourself.

This book never fails to entertain you. If the mystery of who tried to murder Amy isn’t enough, the novel takes place in the future &  in space on board the Godspeed, where a strange race of mono-ethnic people reside alongside the frozen cargo. (Like Amy’s parents.)

However, I would recommend this book only to those ages 16 & up in the very least. Some things in this book were deeply disturbing. That’s not fully a criticism; it added depth to the novel and opened up a  discussion with us readers. As much as I would not like to remember a few images I got while reading this, don’t let it stop you from trying the book. I sat down with my friends and convinced them to read it not only because of the book’s plot but also because of the way the book gets you thinking.

I should also add I was never a sci-fi person. I think I read a tween sci-fi series in middle school but since then I’ve never really delved into it. If I’m not mistaken, I think I discovered this book and was convinced to read it from a video on EssieButton’s YouTube channel that was a collab with BooksandQuills. So, if you read this and are thinking; gee, sci-fi is not my thing, don’t worry. While this is definitely sci-fi, you don’t need to be a sci-fi frequenter to enjoy this book.

Rating time!

Finishing the Book: 1.75/2 stars
This is not a book you can just put down and slowly read over time. You will be hooked. You will even be itching for the sequel and the sequel’s sequel. I subtracted a quarter star just because of the whole 16 & up thing. The only reason this book ever left my hands was so I could “regroup.”
Originality: 2/2 stars
Is this even a question?
Entertainment: 2/2 stars
Connecting with the Characters: 2/2 stars
See above.
Writing Quality: 2/2 stars
I hope Beth Revis will continue writing other books and/or series’. If so, I’ll definitely be picking those up and spreading the word.

Total: 9.75/10 stars!! No wonder this is a bestseller.

Hope you enjoyed my review! Comment below your thoughts! I’d love to hear 🙂

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