How do I find books I want to read? (Part 2)

To read Part 1, click here.

1- Advertisements
Sometimes in magazines I’ll see an ad for a book. At the very least, I might search it in Goodreads and see for myself if it sounds like something I’d like.

2- Shelving Carts
I work in a library, so I always am one of the first people to see books that arrive. However, you don’t have to work in a library to look at the shelving carts. I’ve seen many libraries that keep them at the ends of the aisles. Why look at them? They are the books that have recently gone out and been returned; therefore someone liked them and thought they’d give them a try.

3- Local Authors
Sometimes our local venues will have an author signing but I’ve never heard of the author. So, I’ll look up their books and give them a whirl before going to the program. Recently, I went to a writing workshop with an author and when she asked if anyone was familiar with her books, I was.

4- Talking to random people
I added Delirium to my TBR tonight because a woman who is new to my church was conversing with me and asking if I liked Divergent. I said yes, and she asked if I’d read the Delirium series. She told me what it’s about and I thought it sounded interesting. You never know who can recommend you good books.

5- WordPress tags
You can follow certain tags on WordPress. I follow “YA” and “Books”, which gives me mainly book review posts and TBR lists.

6- Award Winner Lists
In the case of YA fiction, try browsing winners of the Printz award. For the younger set/middle grade, Newberry Awards are your best bet. ( Caldecotts are awarded only for illustrations.) NPR & the New York Times put out bestseller and recommendation lists.

How do you find books to read? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “How do I find books I want to read? (Part 2)

  1. I’m very fussy when it comes to book purchasing so I do my homework first. I’m not impulsive so I don’t get easily swayed by advertisements, bargain bins or book sales.
    I tend to read British or American books and since I live in Malaysia, I don’t get to meet my favourite authors face-to-face. I do consider books recommended by them when they rave-tweet about it.
    I’ve never talked to strangers about books although I wish one did. I do, however, ask for book recommendations from book-loving friends.
    Like you, I follow WordPress tags “books”. If you enjoy YA, why don’t you check out Writes of Passage list? I wrote a short blog post about it so visit
    Oh I just wrote about Man Booker Prize 2014’s longlist. I don’t usually buy books because they are award-winning. I focus more on the book & readers’ reviews.

    • Of course! Award winning book lists can simply be places to start, sort of like that Writes of Passage list. If anything sparks your interest, then you can do your own research to decide whether it is actually worth reading. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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