Guess the Book #1!

Clue 1: I haven’t blogged about it. (Yet)
Clue 2: It is a YA book
Clue 3: Suicide
Clue 4: Video Gaming.
Clue 5: Kid
Clue 6: Marketing
Clue 7: Anonymous group
Clue 8: Future
Clue 9: It was published in 2010
Clue 10: Ear Ramzi
Clue 11: There is a 2008 movie with the same name that is not related to the book at all directed by Kevan Tucker.

Still don’t know? Clue 10 is the author’s name with each word scrambled.

If you can guess it, like this post and comment below with your guess and what clue you got it on! First person to get it right gets a shoutout in my next post with a link to your blog and twitter, if you have one. (Leave it below).

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