Vacation Day 1-2 Recap

Somehow, it is my 16th year vacationing here on Cape Cod. It is the sort of place that becomes a family tradition. But each year, we try to keep traditions while trying new things. It’s hard to squeeze everything into a one week time frame, especially if the weather decides to be unpredictable (It was sunny about ten minutes ago and now its raining?!?). But here is one of the new things we tried.


What’s new about home fries and fruit, you ask? When we come to the Cape, we sometimes go out for dinner. But today, we went to Brax Waterfront Dining for the Sunday brunch special. It is all you can eat paradise, and has a view!


It was hard to capture the view because of the buffet; this means waiters were constantly running back and forth retrieving everyone’s plates when they got up for more food. This was the only picture I could snap. I promise it’s better in person.

Now, for some more foodstagrams. (Speaking of which, I’m thinking of making an Instagram for this blog.)

Plate 1:



That chocolate covered circle there is actually a cream puff. Somehow I didn’t know and put my knife through it; it squirted cream EVERYWHERE. But it was amazing.


Plate 2:



Those French toast sticks were DIVINE. If you ever go to this restaurant, get them and dip them in syrup. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

After the brunch we were absolutely stuffed. I mean I felt like an oompa loompa about to fall over, especially as I watched other people get up for thirds. As much as I could go for more French toast, I figured I had enough. So we drove around a little bit, did some shopping, and then I saw this:



It sort of reminded me of Jay Jay the Jet Plane; the little planes sitting by the hangar.

It’s still early afternoon but we are visiting family later so I figured I would do the recap now. Bout of Books 11 starts tomorrow and I can’t wait to do some reading on the beach! I’m praying for sunny weather.

Like this post if you are excited for B.O.B 11 too! 🙂

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