Bout of Books Day 2 Progress

My goal for Bout of Books 11: 3 books read

I am going to begin by saying that this readathon is one of the highlights of my summer. It is only day 3 and I am thinking about the next one!

Anywho, here is what happened reading-wise on Day 2.

Pages read: 285
Books finished: 1
Books begun or continued: 4

Total books finished so far: 2
Goal: 3


I finished Waterfell by Amalie Howard and loved it! A review will be coming in the future.

So here’s why I was reading from 4 different books yesterday. I tried to read the Beautiful and the Cursed outside, but a bee seemed quite interested in the book. I threw it down to get away and was then paranoid that if I touched it I’d find an angry bee. Isn’t that a great story.

As for the challenges, we created poetry from book spines and told our OTP.

My poem:

How is your week going? I’d love to hear!

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