Reading Pet Peeves

Warning: This post will probably consist of a rant and a few memes. Don’t judge..

We all have pet peeves. People tailgating your car, people cracking their knuckles, children not washing their hands… But how about reading pet peeves? As a book blogger, you can assume I do a fair amount of reading. Surely, there must be something I hate.

Pet Peeves
1. People eating in the library
They even eat right under the “Do not bring food or drinks into the library” sign! Then a week later, I’m making a book display and a happy little ant farm gets very angry at me.


Image from

2. People tutoring right where I am trying to shelve
Then when you make any noise at all, they stare at you like you just gave them even more homework to go over. Which looks like this-


Image from

3. People shelving books around the metal book ends
This results in some really pet peevish books. They are super dogearred and folded, crushed and ripped.

I couldn’t find an image of this but oh. My. God. Google “books with folded pages” under images. It is beautiful. (Until you realize what that book is going to look like unfolded…)

4. People eating messy meals while reading
It’s not pleasant finding your spaghetti dinner on page 30.

5. People reading the end first
I had friends who did this for every book. I could not wrap my head around it. You won’t understand anything if you read the end first! You’d ruin the ending! But a lot of people do it I suppose.

6. Typos in books!
Perhaps this is why I was Copy Editor of my school newspaper. I see everything! All I see are those typos staring me in the face.


And lastly, at least of the pet peeves I can think of…

7. People who hate reading!


Image found on Google Images

Howcanyouhatereading?What?Readingisamazingitsthebestthingthateverhappenedtome.Youcan’thatereading!Whataboutshortstories?Ormysteries?Booksthataremovies?anything?no? What do you do all day?

Did you get any of that? No, since that is probably how I’d respond; panicked gibberish and many questions!

What are your reading pet peeves, or pet peeves in general? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Reading Pet Peeves

  1. I haven’t shelved books in years. I forgot all of those problems I had while working there.
    Ugh, I hate when people say they don’t read. Only peeve I have bigger than that is when they ask why I read when everything worth reading is turned into a movie/t.v. show.

  2. I absolutely hate typos. I actually take note of them and if I like the book enough, I’ll take the time and trouble to email the author and inform them of the existing typos.

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