Friday’s Finds #3!

This week, I’ve added quite a few books to my TBR. Rather than bore you with every single one, here are a few that stuck out to me. (All Screenshots are of Goodreads.)


This book sounds similar to books I’ve read before, but hey, I can always use a good spy YA novel that isn’t tweenish.

I really like that cover, too.


You can see there is an unintentional theme connecting all these books!


I’ve heard a LOT about this series, especially since the fourth book comes out this year.


Yay for TBR lists that are impossible to complete!

Even worse, I’m in a reading slump right now because of summer reading assignments. I feel guilty reading anything else that wasn’t assigned while ignoring the assigned books.. It is ironic because Sumner reading is supposed to encourage reading, not do the opposite.

What are your #fridayreads? What do you think of summer reading assignments? Comment below!

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