Beginning of September Book Haul!


Haul time! *Does a happy dance*

When I got out of work, I speed-walked my way to the young adult section to pick up some new reads.

First we have Impostor, which I mentioned in last week’s Friday’s Finds. It is about a girl named Tessa who can somehow mimic other people’s appearances and pose as them by “absorbing their DNA.” (Which sounds absolutely terrifying by the way). While working for the FBI she is assigned to pose as a local teen named Madison to stop a lurking serial killer. A lot of reviewers are comparing it to X-Men.

Counting by 7’s doesn’t really say what it is about on the book jacket. It just goes on about what a heartwarming and well written story it is. I figure my librarian ordered it for a reason and I might as well be the first person to check it out and review it.

These Broken Stars is one of those books you’ve probably heard way too much about. I never got around to reading it, but I’ve passed it on the shelves and thought to myself how gorgeous that cover is. From what I know it is some sort of epic survival sci-fi romance, and since I finished the Across the Universe trilogy, I figure why not!

And lastly, Defiance by C.J Redwine. I am also late on this bandwagon (did I seriously just say bandwagon?) but never say never, right? (And now you’re quoting Justin Bieber?!) As I’m reading the Goodreads description, I’m realizing it sounds a LOT like After the End, which I reviewed in July here. But maybe Defiance has more to offer, being a series and all. I’d like to see if the super enthusiastic reviews on this book are right or if I side with the negative reviewers.

Hope you enjoyed my haul! What are you looking forward to this month? Discuss in the comments below!

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