High Five for Friday!

Whoo. You have made it through the week. You can take a deep breath.

Today I am going to give you a list of five. Here are my top five… Authors!

1. Jennifer L. Armentrout
Did you guess this would be on the list? If so, good job. You are one of my friends. If you didn’t, it’s ok. You’re new here. We’re still friends.

2. Beth Revis
I have not read The Body Electric, but I can tell you the Across the Universe trilogy was awesome, if you’re into sci-fi stuff. 

3. Rainbow Rowell
Her books are cute, fun, easy reads. And her name is awesome.

4. Robin Sloan
Calling all book nerds: You must read Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. It is dazzling.

5. Carolyn Keene
What can I say. I LOVE the Nancy Drew books! I read them when I was younger, I read them now. How could she not be on my list? I still remember when the movie came out how excited I was. But man, that guy’s eyes still give me chills.

Leave a comment down below and consider yourself virtually high-fived! But seriously, who are your favorite authors?

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