Review: Defiance by C.J Redwine

HiBefore I explain what this book is about, I will say that one thing that confuses me is that this book had great reviews, but then a group of people started giving it low ratings, saying they were confused why everyone was enjoying this book. Sometimes we should take ratings with a grain of salt; maybe the book is actually great, or maybe it isn’t. I admit Defiance will only appeal to people with certain tastes. If it isn’t your taste, then maybe it isn’t the book’s fault, and that is OK.


In the city of Baalboden, everyone lives in fear of a man titled the Commander. All women/girls are assigned a protector until claiming age, 17, when they can then be handed off to a man who wishes to claim them. A girl should never wander off at night without her protector. Nobody would. And then there’s Rachel. Rachel is told that beyond the gates lies the dead body of her beloved father, who took so long to return he was assumed dead. She is assigned a new protector, which is an awkward situation in itself, but she is determined to do whatever it takes to prove her father is still alive. Even if it means crossing the sadistic Commander and venturing for herself outside the walls of her city and into the unknown.

Rachel: our heroine. Only main female character.
Logan: Rachel’s new protector
Jared: Rachel’s allegedly dead father
The Commander: head of Baalboden. Known for extremely harsh punishments (death, torture…)

I liked Rachel. She’s tough, gorgeous, selfless and confident, all qualities I like to see in a female protagonist. I also liked Logan a lot, although perhaps a lot of the things he said were almost tropes in YA. (Commonplace, seen before..) But he is still very charming.

The plot was great. I felt entertained and surprised the whole time.  I loved the idea if the Cursed One and I am so intrigued by the idea of each city. The only thing I’ll say is that some of the timing was very unrealistic. Rachel vs. Logan’s amount of time to travel, for example, had me a little lost. (Rachel took weeks and Logan seemed to catch up pretty fast?)

Verdict: As with any book, this won’t be for everyone. It’s not the most original book I’ve ever seen, but also not unoriginal. This was a well executed YA book with some fascinating and original ideas mixed with your typical in-book YA romance. But since you’re asking me whether I liked it or not, then yes, I loved it!

Will I read the next few books?
I’ll definitely hunt for the sequel and go from there!

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