Let’s get Musical (aka what on earth do I listen to?)

I’m listening to music as I write this post…who knows where I got this post idea from? 😉

If you don’t already use the free version of Spotify (the app) you need to! As long as you have WiFi, you have unlimited access to whatever music you want, playlists, suggestions, etc. It’s like YouTube, Pandora and ITunes in one free app. However don’t connect it to Facebook. You can sign up with just email.

Here are the most recently listened to songs on my main playlist:
Anna Sun by Walk the Moon
Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
Animals by Maroon 5 (thanks, KIA commercial…)
Tessellate by Ellie Goulding
L’heure Avait Sonné by Joyce Johnathan
Cool Kids by Echosmith

I kind of have musical moods. I ADORE French music. I could do an entire post on all the french artists I live but that would be very off topic. No, I am not French, but I can speak, understand, write and read a fair amount of it just from my French classes.

What do you like to listen to? I don’t listen to music while I read, but do you?

Follow me @books_palettes for sneak peeks, musings, and more! My avatar image is from “Jen Loves Teaching.”


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