Friday’s Finds! (Non-fiction edition!) 9/19/14

As much as I love fiction, I still love nonfiction books. As a young’un, I was reading (or was trying to) Abraham Lincoln biographies for fun. Not the juvenile ones; the adult ones. Now if only I had that kind of mindset now…

All screenshots from Good reads!


I used to LOVE anime! I’m over that obsession now, but I’m still fascinated with it and international cultures. I think this book sounds like a great marriage of the two, as it sounds like it ties anime into Japanese culture.

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell


Psychology is one of my favorite classes right now. I think its the best course choice I may have made this year. I read Outliers last year and enjoyed it, and I’ve read the author’s pieces in The New Yorker. I know this book will not disappoint me!



Pop culture! I’ve seen this book many times at the library. It looks like something you’d keep on the coffee table when people come over to flip through. I mean that in a good way! It isn’t an analytical essay by any means. You can take it in little entertaining chunks and flip through for what interests you.

And lastly, although it is not nonfiction…


YA short stories are pretty hard to find, unless you mean ones written by teens. I love sci-if and fantasy, and some of these authors are quite well known, so why not!!

What have you found this week? LMK in the comments below!!

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