Review: Impostor by Susanne Winnacker

My Summary

Tessa can absorb DNA and become a perfect mimicry of anyone. She’s been a valuable trainee for the FEA, a branch of the FBI, and the agency has her first assignment lined up. She must imitate a girl named Madison and stop a serial killer before he gets to her. But it’s hard not to get too attached to your classmates, friends and family, especially when anyone could be the killer…


I loved this book. The characters, the plot, the twists… Everything.

It was engaging. When you needed something to happen plot wise to keep things exciting, something happened. Chapters ended with a cliffhanger, so I felt the need to keep going. At 274 pages, it is most definitely readable in one night. I read it in mainly one sitting.

Tessa is relatable and I loved her. I understood her fears and desires, and she was always on a mission. She felt compassion for those she be heartless towards according to others, and she stayed true to her values despite pretending to be someone else. Although absorbing DNA is not realistic, it felt realistic enough.

However, I do have a couple negative things to say.

– A couple characters were not too well developed personality-wise. I felt they were there more for information giving, not really for the character. I mean Ana and Holly could’ve been the same person really

– This isn’t the most original novel I’ve read. This and Don’t Look Back have many similarities. However, the twist is that this one involves the FEA, impersonation and more of the supernatural than Don’t Look Back did. In Don’t Look Back, the main character was being herself

That being said, I do give this book 5 stars. It’s quick, satisfying, engaging and, honestly, cool. Forget mind reading and invisibility… This chick can literally become someone else! I also love the cover art; it shows you the characters exactly as they are described in the book.

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