Review: Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid


Fasten your seat belts for this wild read. (Pun totally intended!)

Disclaimer: I did read an advanced readers copy of this book however I received this at a book event in September, after the book was published.

Short and Sweet Summary:
Leila is on a road trip to the Northern Lights, all by herself. But along the way, she makes friends, has her heart broken, and has a hell of a lot of fun. The book is divided into sections based on who Leila meets, and chapters within these sections.

So basically, all you can expect from this book is to have fun.

And boy,  did it deliver.

I felt like I was on a road trip. My life is pretty boring, which is probably why I read books. But my life didn’t feel boring when I read this. I felt like a wild teenager on a road trip that I won’t get in trouble for since I wasn’t actually on it. Leila and her road trip adventures are a ton of fun, and honestly a breath of fresh air. Leila is encouraging and all about living the moment. Don’t wait to get the guy/girl; life is too short.

Don’t be mistaken; this is no meaningless road trip. This is a road trip about finding yourself and making both a physical and mental journey from start to finish. Along the way, Leila changes the lives of random strangers, and each stranger makes an impact on her too.You can really see this book has a lot of meaning to the author.

However, I do have a couple critiques.
Why do none of the parents in this book care about anything, aside from the teens eventually returning home!?! For example, Leila’s parents? Hudson’s Dad?

But hey, if parents got involved, this book wouldn’t exist and I want this book to exist!

Bonus points for the book having one of the cutest book covers of 2014. I mean actually, I gave my mom a hearty speech about how in a dream world I’d have the book cover framed or displayed it’s that beautiful. (I swear I’m normal!) The postcards between sections are also an adorable touch! Aesthetically, this YA novel is nearly perfect.

Thanks, Adi; now I want to take a road trip too!
(But realistically, next stop, the library!!)

I give Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid a 4.5/5 stars for being a fun, feel-good read that still managed to have meaning.


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