Review: Scott Pilgrim Volume 1!


I know, I’ve been reviewing a ton of graphic novels lately! I just recently remembered that I read them anyway, so why not review them? But for those of you who prefer the good-old novel, I have some reviews of those coming your way soon 🙂

Quick Summary
Scott Pilgrim thinks his life is pretty fantastic. He’s dating a high school girl, plays in a rock band, and is having a lot of fun. (Did I mention he’s 23?) But then he meets Ramona Flowers. She may just be an Amazon delivery girl, but she’s also gorgeous and awesome in pretty much every way. What’s not so fantastic? She’s got seven evil exes that Scott has to defeat in order to be with her.

There’s no page numbers in this g.n, but this is definitely another short graphic novel. It’s part of a series of six volumes, so I’d recommend picking up more than one at once. I ordered just the first one; big mistake! This is a hilarious graphic novel that’ll leave you wanting more. My only complaint? I wish it was in color!

Recommended for teens ages 14+

And psst…there are Scott Pilgrim movies you can watch once you finish the series!!

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