Review: These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meaghan Spooner


I had just finished checking out a haul of books from the library after my shift and was signing out in the office when the teen librarian and I began chatting. He’s always very curious to see what is on my tbr, so naturally, he wanted to know what books I’d just picked out. One look at These Broken Stars and his eyes lit up. “Christina, you’d better start that early in the day. You won’t be able to put it down.” He said.

Of course, I couldn’t wait until the morning to start it. I ignored the advice, and began reading it late into the night, thinking I’d sample it before bed at least. Well, I fell asleep at 12:30 am “sampling” the novel, and woke up with the book in my arms. I opened my eyes, and guess what I did? I stayed in bed until I finished reading it, looked at the clock; it was nearly noon. Oops!

I think you can tell by now that I really, really enjoyed the book. I’ll tell you why.

TBS is the story of the downfall of a top-of-the-line spaceliner the Icarus. Suddenly, the Icarus is “yanked out of hyperspace” and crashes on a nearby planet, killing everyone on board, seemingly, but Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen. Lilac is the priveleged daughter of the wealthiest man in the universe, while Tarver is a young war hero. The two opposites are forced to battle their new territory together, with all its strange plants, animals and hauntings, in order to survive what could be an eternity alone. Duh duh duh!!!

Holy hell. There is something so beautiful about this book, cover aside. (Don’t worry, I’ll rant about that in the next paragraph.) The plot, the characters, everything. As someone who is a bit squeemish, I also sincerely appreciate how some things were disturbing but without the graphic imagery that books like those in the Across the Universe trilogy supplied. Don’t get me wrong, that trilogy is still one of my all time favorites in the YA sci-fi genre, but I think it’s amazing if a writer can send chills down your spine without forking over all the gruesome details. (I will never forget that scene in Shades of Earth. Ever. Wish I could tell you what I’m thinking of!)

And of course, the showstopper here is the cover. This is hands-down one of my favorite book covers of all time. It’s gorgeous and fits the book perfectly. (*cough*, Half Life of Molly Pierce step up your cover game *cough* *cough*) I mean, I’d get this cover framed and hang it in my room. Seriously. I’m that obsessed with it. (Aka, I am that insane.)

Now, I can’t write this review and not tell you the one thing that bugged me. I honestly hated Lilac for the first quarter of the book. She was just so prissy and annoying. That’s not a fault in the writing, though, since it is part of her characterization and she grows throughout the book. I’m just saying, I could not stand her sometimes. Thank God for Tarver. But no worries, because Lilac comes around. What comes around goes around. Wait no, what am I saying?

I give These Broken Stars a 5/5 stars!

Whether you are a newbie to YA sci-fi or a seasoned sci-fi aficionado, I think you’ll enjoy the unique mystery and romance this book has to offer. And of course, you should all check out Beth Revis’ Across the Universe trilogy, because that is amazingness. (My review is here: Seriously I do not know that I could pick one over the other. They may both be sci-fi, but the stories are so different from one another!

And of course, you all remember when I fan-girled over this;


I’m getting my paws on the sequel for sure. I’ll probably be tweeting my thoughts of it as I read it, so check the post signature for details on where to follow me! (P.S I am finally going to re-link my tumblr to my social media page this week, so get excited for that too!)

So that’s it folks! I know this is a weird time for me to post but I could not wait to get this review out there for you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys about TBS, Across The Universe, or any other YA sci-fis you love!!

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