Reading Online for Free!

Hands up, who loves having to pay for ebooks? Probably nobody. And no, I’m not advocating pirating books. Please please please don’t ever do that! Writers work tirelessly to write and publish those books! I’m talking about finding legally free books online. Come see!

If you’ve ever done some research on free books, you’ve probably come across Project Gutenberg, screenshot shown below. Now, Project Gutenberg is massive, which is great, (46,000 titles!), but it’s not the most aesthetically appealing site to browse. Not to mention it contains only ebooks, not audio books.


That’s where LoyalBooks (formerly BooksShouldBeFree) comes in. This site posts the etexts/kindle books from Project Gutenberg, but also gives you the Librivox audio book recordings and various mediums for downloading the text. It’s pretty much your one stop shop. Just don’t expect to find any Suzanne Collins here; these are only books that are in the public domain. Ever need a text for your literature class? You might find it here.


And of course, there’s good old Amazon’s free Kindle book selection. On top of having the classics, they also carry some contemporary free books, for limited amounts of time. (A book that’s normally $9.99, hypothetically, may become free as part of a sale, so if you’re interested, snatch it up before the price goes up again!)


Some of Amazon's free book selection

Google Play has some free ebooks sometimes as well, but even if a book you want isn’t free, they let you download a free sample of almost anything before you shell out any money towards it.


Some of the top free books on Google Play.

If reading actual published books isn’t a necessity, you’ll find a treasure trove of amazing books (some of which do get picked up and published by publishing houses!) on Wattpad. You can read Wattpad books through their free app or on their website. What’s nice is you can add titles to your “library” and get notifications when your favorite stories get updated.


The Discover page of the Wattpad app.

And of course, if you live in the United States, you should ask your local library if patrons have access to something called Overdrive as part of the library system. Overdrive lets a patron with a library card from certain libraries log in and “check out” ebooks and audio books.  The books are the same ones you might find in the actual library; all contemporary books (fiction, nonfiction, whatever it be for all ages). Some libraries offer similar services like Freading, so its worth asking.

What’s your favorite free legal eBook site? Do you read ebooks? Let me know in the comments below!

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Happy Holidays!!

This is just a quick little happy holidays message to all my wonderful followers! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or neither, I love you all and I hope you have a splendid holiday season!

And no worries, my normal posts will return very soon!

Happy Reading 🙂

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Review: Fables by Bill Willingham, book 1 the deluxe edition



All images from Goodreads

I’ve been waiting to get my paws on this book for quite some time and I finally got the chance to read it! I couldn’t tell you the difference between the deluxe and regular editions though as my library system only had this one, sorry!

Fables is a graphic novel I recommend to both newbie graphic novel readers and non-newbies. Why? Because Fables is a nice transition from regular YA mysteries and fairytales into the genre. It reads like a novel, but with cool illustrations, so I can’t find anything bad to say about it for you. Unless you hate mysteries and fairy tales, don’t pass this one up!

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Ready Player One movie + Graphic Novels!

So I was scrolling through tumblr the other day and my heart stopped when I saw that not only will RPO be a movie, it may be directed by Christopher Nolan (Inception, Man of Steel…) Or Peter Jackson (The Hobbit…). So basically, if you’re as nerdy as me, you are probably already are making plans with your friends to see it the day it comes out, whatever day and year that will be. Actually, I’m so nerdy I wrote a version of the To Be or Not to Be soliloquy based on the novel. Yup.

This week, I’ll be reviewing book one of the graphic novel series Fables. If you guys have any comic or graphic novel recommendations for me, let me know in the comments below! I’m open to anything, whether it be superhero, mystery, sci-fi, whatever!

As for your question of the week, if you had a superpower, what would it be?

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Review: Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond


Screenshot of book summary from Goodreads


The entire time I read this book, I kept thinking, this is so unoriginal. Isn’t this exactly what The Night Circus is, but in YA form? Well, to be fair, it isn’t that similar. So never mind that. But something still holds me back about this book.

I found the writing language simple and kind of lacking detail. As an aspiring myself, I’m a fan of showing and not telling. (I’m known for my writing style which is very, well, florid.) However, this means that this book could have some appeal to the young to mid-age teens, as it is so easy to read.

I did enjoy the elements of romance and mystery in this book. They kept the story going. But of course the romance in the novel was your typical swoon-worthy but not all that realistic YA romance, so keep that in mind.

Girl on a Wire was my first magic book. I normally read sci-fi, dystopia, fantasy, those sort of books. I obviously dabble into other things, but generally speaking, those are where it’s at. Yet, there’s something undoubtably special about this book, whether it be the nostalgia of a circus or the allure of the magic in this circus. I give it 3/5 stars, because it is worth at least checking out. I’m sure if this book falls into the right hands, it’ll make someone very happy. It just didn’t make it onto my list of favorite books of all time.

If you’ve read and liked The Night Circus, or wanted to read it but thought it was too long, try Girl on a Wire. And after, you can dream of being the next Nik Wallenda and imagine yourself pirouetting on a tightrope as gracefully as Jules Maroni can.

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Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline+ a discussion of hype


I was so ecstatic with how this book ended that as soon as I finished it  I went straight to my personal tumblr to rave about it. Sometimes I get a little overexcited about books and then later realize maybe that book wasn’t as great as I just made it appear. Ready Player One is definitely an awesome, fantastic book for both YA and adult readers alike, but does it deserve the amount of hype it has been given?

My Synopsis
It’s the year 2044. Nowadays, there’s two “worlds”; the real one, which kind of sucks, and the virtual world, the OASIS. The OASIS is not just a game; there are real schools with real classes and diplomas, a stable currency with physical monetary equivalence, and a social hierarchy. Really, you’ve got to be careful you don’t start replacing your real life with the virtual one you have. But there is one big thing that draws more and more people into the OASIS. Its creator, James Halliday, dies and leaves his (huge) fortune to nobody. It is designated for the first person who can find his easter egg in the OASIS. But this is no easy egg to find, of course, and people will do anything to get at it. This egg will change someone’s life in a big, big way. And that’s when you meet our protagonist, Wade Watts.

To address some critics of this novel..
– One critical reviewer said this book gets hype because of the nostalgia, but that the author just name drops everything. For one, I’m not an eighties child. I know almost nothing about the eighties, so nostalgia is not what won me over about the novel. I can see how some things were kind of name dropped, but it didn’t seem like the author put a conscious effort into trying to make himself look smart or something. Those “name drops” are descriptions and are part of the experience of reading this book. Obviously, those of you who haven’t read it are probably thinking, whaa?? The novel is enriched by the loves of James Halliday, like his favorite music and movies. Cline references these things plus other “nerdy” tidbits such as animes like Gundam. But you don’t need to get these references to enjoy the novel.

At first, I almost wanted to kick someone because the book begins by telling you Wade wins the egg. I was like, are you kidding me? You just spoiled the whole book! What’s the point of reading if I know who got the egg? Then I realized that the main point of the story is not that he finds the egg. So no, that’s not spoiling anything.

Back to enjoying the novel, RPO is a nice blend of sci-fi with modern times. After all, it isn’t too hard to imagine a future like this one.

I think the hype around the novel is justified. I’m not a gamer, but if you are, I can totally see you loving this book. You’ll feel like you’re playing a game too, yet your brain is actually learning from it. Ha! (Although I love video games, lol)

Ready Player One is on a bridge between YA and Adult fiction, or what I am going to call part of the “lower level” adult fiction category. When I say that, I don’t mean low quality. I just mean that this is a novel YA readers can easily read and enjoy, although it is elevated from YA fiction.

So here’s the question of the day; would you want to live in a virtual world? How would it benefit you?

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Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Round 2!


First off, thank you for all the well wishes! I’m doing a lot better today and look and feel a lot more like myself. (Which means for you that I will actually post this week!)

The sweet Emalie from nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award!

So I did already receive the Sisterhood of the World blogger award but now that I was nominated again, I wanted to be sure I answered the new questions!

I wrote out some of these questions in shorthand so check out Emalie’s original post here!

1. What is the worst thing people do to books?
Burn them or claim to hate reading without even giving them a chance!

2. Favorite superhero/character/heroine?
Black Widow!! (Specifically, from Captain America the Winter Soldier) She’s pretty much the definition of bad ass and she has nice hair too, lol!

3. First video game I ever played?
If you don’t count little kid ones, it was probably Runescape. But I just remembered, I used to play some sort of video game in my neighbors basement but I have no recollection of what it was! All I know is first grade was probably too young to play whatever it was, lol.

4. Favorite fruit or vegetable?
Banana! I love bananas. I also love the sign for banana in ASL, so I’ll teach it to you right now. Hold out your index finger on your non-dominant hand, pointing up. Then use your fingers on your other hand to “peel” this invisible banana. Ta DA!

5. Vampire or werewolf?
Eek, sounds so much like Twilight. (Not a fan of twilight!) But… I’ll say Werewolf.

6. How many pairs of shoes do I have?
Haha, well of the ones that still fit me, I have like two pairs of sneakers, three pairs of boots, two pairs of flip flops, and a pair or two of heels. So, ten pairs? I guess?

7. Worst habit regarding books?
(Accidentally!) Breaking their spines by leaving the books open or opening them a tad too wide. Whoops!

8. Favorite TV show ATM?
Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network! I’m obsessed. It’s the only cooking competition show I actually like.

9. If you could go back in time, what would you like to see?

Awesome question! In fact it’s so awesome I’m a little stumped. I keep thinking of that Cyberchase episode where they send Ms. Lovelace (I think that was her name) back in time but the ultimate revenge is when they sent Buzz and Delete back into prehistoric times or something. Anyone know what I’m thinking of? Anyone?

Anyway, I’d love to see some part of the Renaissance or Medieval Times maybe. So much art, literature, and of course jousting was done in those periods of times! Fun fact; I used to be on the fencing team!

10. Do you have any pets?

Nope, I have no pets! I want a dog though.

That’s it for this post! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and I’ll see you in my next post 🙂 

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