Official B.O.B 12 Recap

In some ways, Bout if Books 12 was kind of a fail for me. I didn’t finish a single book start to finish, although I did finish books I’d already started. However, that’s when I realized I missed the point of bout of books. Bout of Books is supposed to get you reading and excited about reading. It isn’t your fault if life decides to get in your way and  give you little time to read. What matters is you TRIED, and you read, and you had fun. And that’s why I love readathons.

Now for the actual readathon recap, I finished Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, and am still reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

If you’ve never read Jane Eyre for any sort of school assignment, you should. Usually, I’ll be honest, I dread reading books for school. They mean I can’t read what I actually want to read. But I was pretty darn excited to hear I could read Jane Eyre for our feminism unit. So, I took my time reading it, for my self and, of course, for my essay. Six pages of essay writing later, I felt pretty darn accomplished, even though I didn’t actually meet my “goal.”

So how did you guys do? Did you get some good reading in?

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2 thoughts on “Official B.O.B 12 Recap

  1. I’ve not read Jane Eyre before. Honestly I’m kinda intimidated by it and have been putting it off for quite a while now! Your right the main focus of the readathon is having fun and if you did thats the best part for sure. I read two books during the week! so i’m okay with that even though I typically read more in a week!

    • You should try it! (Jane Eyre). I think it was on my TBR for something like two or three years before I actually read it! Plus there’s a recent movie of it, and who doesn’t like book into movie adaptations?? Also, that’s awesome!

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