3 Reviews in One! Myst trilogy by Rand and Robyn Miller


Photo taken by me

I’m really excited to review these three books. Why? I feel they are somewhat unnoticed; they don’t have a huge amount of Goodreads reviews and they are a little hard to find. Luckily, a friend let me borrow them and I couldn’t be happier. (I read the whole trilogy in about two weeks!) Also, note that the order of the books is incorrect in my photo. The order is the orange/brown, green, and then the gray one.

The first book summary:
This book follows Atrus and his relationship to his father, Gehn, who has the fascinating ability to create entire habitable worlds through writing. Gehn has been absent for all of Atrus’ life, but Gehn comes with the hopes to train his son to know all about the D’ni culture and how to write. But father and son do not get along as well as you would hope; they butt heads when it comes to the fates of some of these worlds. The books are based on the cd-rom computer game of the same name.

Book 1: Published in 1995

In my opinion, book 1 was the best of the three. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. But once the world was explained and the characters introduced, it became more engrossing and I read it in one sitting.

Book 2: Published in 1996

This book was my least favorite of the trilogy. In fact I felt it was unnecessarily confusing. Book 1 follows Atrus, and book 2 follows Aitrus, two different people. It took me almost half the book to figure this out though, and I read thinking, wait how did Atrus get here? What? He never knew these people before!? New character, similar name. And besides, only the second half of the book contained anything that really was very exciting. Meh. However, I know these books are the prequels to the computer game, so perhaps this would have made more sense if I had actually played the game.

Book 3: published in 1998

This book brought us back to our protagonist Atrus, which made me quite happy. It was a great read too, with action and adventure like the first one.

I love the concept behind these books. It is unique and original. The idea of being able to create and destroy ages also sparked some moral questions, making the somewhat-simply written books even deeper.

And aesthetically, the pages of the books themselves have this cool pattern to them, as if you are reading some sort of old relic. Cool looking books are just awesome.

As a whole, I give the trilogy 3.5 stars. The first book gets 4.25 stars. It’s definitely worth a gander, and I think you’ll be inspired by the unique premise of the trilogy. Bonus points if you have played Myst!

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3 thoughts on “3 Reviews in One! Myst trilogy by Rand and Robyn Miller

  1. This sounds interesting, maybe I will check it out πŸ™‚

    Btw I nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award. Check out my post here. Hope you enjoy doing this, too. πŸ™‚

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