The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This means a lot to me. Books and Palettes has received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! THANK YOU TO “Emalie” (I now know that is not her real name, haha!)  for the nomination!


1. Thank and link to the blogger that nominated you
2. Display the award and list the rules
3. Share 7 facts about yourself
4. Nominate some other inspiring bloggers and comment on their blogs so they know you nominated them.

*Drumroll please*

1. I have two middle names! But I’m not telling you them because I’m sneaky, hehe.

2. I’m afraid of heights and deep water. Agh, both are scary.

3. I know how to drive but I have not taken my road test yet. I’ll get around to that eventually!

4. I have an Xbox 360 in my room and love love love it! It is both a blessing and a curse, though, since now that it is in my room staring at me all day I can totally just play it whenever I want instead of reading or doing homework…

5. I want to dye my hair but I love too many colors.. Blue, purple, red…all three??

6. Big Hero 6 is my new favorite movie!

7. But I still love The Amazing Spiderman movies and Captain America: Winter Soldier.

My nominees are:

❤ and have an awesome weekend!

– Christina

Follow me @books_palettes for sneak peeks, musings, and more! My avatar image is from “Jen Loves Teaching.”


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