Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

Book cover image from Goodreads

Book cover image from Goodreads

We all love our book into movie adaptations. We love finding out movies were originally based on books, and even better, that our favorite books are being made into movies. This fall, we have another one of these cases; The Martian! Now that the trailer has officially been released, I thought it was a good time to review the book that inspired it.

(Watch the trailer here:

What It’s About (my simplified version)

The story starts out with some astronauts on Mars, including our protagonist Mark Watney. All is fine until his crew accidentally (yes, accidentally) leaves him behind on Mars, thinking he is dead. Plot twist; he’s not. He’s alive. And he has no way to inform anyone of this. All he knows is that if he wants any chance of rescue, he’s going to have to survive on Mars, alone.

What I Thought

This book is everything I could want in a novel. Just going by the plot summary, you know it’s going to be dramatic and gripping. But what you don’t know is that this novel is also hilarious. In fact, it’s laugh out loud funny. And yet, it’s about a guy trying to survive in space. I wonder where the movie adaptation will be more successful; in keeping the humor intact, or in creating a dramatic and realistic sci-fi film.

The story is told through journal entries Watney writes about his day to day experiences since the crew left him. In his entries, he retells all of what he does each day, his thoughts, his expectations for the future, etc. What makes this really interesting though is how thought out everything is. Sure, I could try to write a space survival story, but what do I really know about how many days food will last me, how much fuel it takes to power a spacecraft, how to make my own fuel?  All the math and chemistry was done out for you in this book. Now I’m not going to go check all of Mr. Weir’s calculations, so maybe they could be made up, but they were pretty darn convincing. So I’m gonna say they’re at least somewhat accurate, and this book was super well thought out.

Lastly, emotions are also at a high in this book. You feel Mark’s pain, the crew’s pain as they leave him behind, NASA’s bewilderment, the world’s reactions. It all feels very real, like this whole story could happen to someone someday.

God, I hope it doesn’t.

Personally, that’s the best sign of a good book. When the story feels all too real and unforgettable. For that reason, I gave this book 5 out of 5 red dwarf stars. Because that’s the only kind of star I can think of right now. It’s an honor, my friend, to be given 5 red dwarf stars. Not just any kind of star. Red dwarf stars. (Although now that I think about it I believe they are the most common…let’s ignore that.)

Definitely go check out this novel, and then stay tuned for the movie when it hits theaters on October 2nd here in the U.S! The movie cast features Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Donald Glover, and more. And as usual, leave a comment down below what you think about the movie trailer!


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