10 Bookish Things To Do This Winter!

I was inspired to create this list by Book Riot. Each season, Kelly Jensen puts together a list of bookish things, and I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of them. (Here’s the winter one, for example.) This list will not repeat items from her winter list, so now you’ll have 40 total things to do when the weather outside is frightful!

1. Start a 2017 bullet journal for your reading goals. Get some inspiration here and here.

2. Create a cozy reading nook in your room with some throw pillows and blankets. Read!

3. Put up a memory board on your wall and fill it up with pictures of your favorite books, concept art, authors, etc. Alternatively, take photos of your travels in #6 and #7 and put those pictures on it.

4. Make your own all-occasion greeting cards with your favorite book quotes on them. Get creative! For example, if you have an Austen-loving friend, make him/her an Austen birthday card.

5. Donate books you longer need/want to your local library, charity shop, etc. New year, new books to read and more space to put them in!

6. Google literary tourism sites in your area. (An author’s old house, a museum dedicated to them..) If the nearest ones are than a couple hours away, make a weekend trip out of visiting them! Don’t forget to visit the libraries and bookstores in those neighborhoods too. 

7. Visit libraries or independent bookstores in your area (other than those in your town!) 

8. Start working on that short story/novel/poetry collection you’ve been dreaming about writing for years! 

9. If you have bookshelves in your room/home, re-organize them. If they’re currently in no order at all, give them one! Alphabetization is good for relocating a particular book, while organizing by color looks beautiful from afar.

10. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate (or tea, coffee..) and listen to an audiobook or book-related podcast. You deserve it!


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