Friday Finds!

In Friday’s finds I will be posting about books I’ve discovered in the past week that sound or look interesting to me that I have recently added to my tbr list.

I’ve been looking to try a non-middle grade graphic novel so my ears perk up whenever I hear or read about one. Ones that I am particularly interested in are The Boxers and Saints graphic novel set by Gene Luen Yang. Here is a screenshot from the first book’s Good reads page.


What is even more intriguing about the set is to my knowledge they both tell the same story but from two different perspectives.


I figured I’d be going a little out of my comfort zone reading this duo- it’s summer, why not challenge yourself?

I also came across Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan. This one definitely sounds up my alley!

Plus, look at the cover!! (Another good reads screenshot- not my image!)

What books have you found this week? Let me know!

And psst… Wanna know what I am currently reading?