Guess the Book #3!

Whoo! It’s time for the third installment of Guess the Book!

As usual, comment with your guess and the first correct answer gets a little shout-out either in this post or a separate winners post!

Clue 1: Red
Clue 2: Swim
Clue 3: Numbers
Clue 4: Smart
Clue 5: Weeping ________

Have any ideas yet??? 😉

Clue 6: Lucky Number
Clue 7: How many are there?
Clue 8: 14/2 =
Clue 9: You aren’t spelling with letters, you are ________ with numbers.

Originally I had hoped to have someone win GTB before I posted the review but you know, things don’t always go as planned. Yes, the answer is Counting by 7’s! Go check out Arya won this Guess the Book and happens to have a super cool book review blog, so check it out! 😀


Winner of Guess the Book #2!

I’m so glad someone got this one. I figured it had to be easy enough with even just those clues, at least if you’ve read it.

Anyway, a fellow Liebster Award winner guessed The Maze Runner first! You can visit Spectacles’ awesome book blog here. Spectacle Aglow has done some fun tags I may try in the future.  Personally, I loved reading the Library Tag post. I think you know why by now!

Speaking of the Maze Runner, look out for my review of it this week!

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Guess the Book #2!

So, nobody got Guess the Book #1. I guess it was too hard. So, here is your second chance! I’m going to give you a few clues to start with. If nobody gets it, I’ll add more every so often. If you want to make a guess, leave a comment on this post with your guess and a link to your blog or twitter. The first person to get it right gets a shoutout! (Something along the lines of John Smith from guessed this first, go check out his awesome blog/twitter!)

Ready? OK! Go!

1. This is a tiny part of the cover


2. Green

3. Spikes

4. Sting

Think you know it already? Leave a comment!

I’m not going to approve comments right away, so make sure you leave a guess anyway! You can only guess once, though.

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