The Beauty of Books TAG!

So for all you book loving gals, I decided to make this tag. I don’t think this tag exists already, and it isn’t based off of anything I’ve seen before, so here you are; a tag I created for blogs and booktube.

Because this blog is about books and beauty, I thought it was fitting to create a tag that combines the two!

The Questions:

Eyeliner: Tell us about a book that defines who you are or that means a lot to you personally, and then show us your favorite eyeliner.
Mascara: You can’t leave the house without mascara. It brightens your eyes and makes you look more awake after a night of not-so-much sleep. What’s one book you stayed up late to read? Then, show us your favorite mascara.
Lip Balm: The best lip balms are sweet and smooth. Give us a sweet, easy read. Then, show us your favorite lip balm.
Concealer: A book you are embarrassed to say you’ve read or own.
Nail Polish: Nail polish is like an accessory. Show us a book with a beautiful cover. Then, show us what is on your nails, if anything.
Sunscreen: Sunscreen goes hand in hand with the beach. Show us a book that takes place at or near a beach. Also, what are your favorite beach reads?
Makeup Remover: Sometimes the look you create is disappointing, so you break out the makeup remover to clear the evidence. What is a book you wanted to like that ended up disappointing you?

And of course, if you’d like, what makeup are you wearing today?

I tag all of YOU to do this tag! Get this tag spreading ladies!
If you do the tag, link to your post in the comments below so I can see!! 🙂


July Favorites & Wrap-Up!!

No no no no no. It’s not already the end of July. But it is…
Looking just for the book favorites/wrap up? Scroll down!

Beauty Favorites

Hard Candy Glamoflage Concealer
They say this Walmart-exclusive product can conceal tattoos or facial discoloration and blemishes. I’m not so sure about the tattoo claim but a little bit of this product goes a long way, so you get a lot of use out of that gigantic tube they give you for $6. My recommendation is to use it with a brush like the Real Techniques Essential Foundation Brush (the foundation brush in the travel set). I found when I used my fingers to blend the product it moved, while when I blended it in with a brush it stayed in place, concealed, and left a nice dewy finish. You may also want to set it with powder.


Benefit they’re real mascara

I’ve got to tell you this story. You know home shopping networks like HSN and QVC? Well Benefit Cosmetics was on one of them a few months ago and did a segment on this mascara. Well, I can’t understand why anyone would buy it based off of the demo.. Why? Well, since people tune in at different times, they kept re-applying the mascara. And re-applying. And re-applying. When they finished that, they zoomed in and did a before and after. The poor model had about three eyelashes in the after, and each eyelash looked like the leg of a gigantic spider. In short, it looked terrible. Not the mascara’s fault, it was just because they put on way too much. With any mascara, you should wipe off the brush.

I love this mascara because it looks a lot more natural than some other mascaras. It lengthens my lashes, darkens them and separates them. Just one swipe of it makes a dramatic difference on my lashes, so its great for busy mornings.



What I read this month (in order):

A Million Suns by Beth Davis
The Beginning of Everything by Robin Schneider
An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My review:

The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
My review:

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My review:

How did I read so many you ask? In three days, I read an Abundance of Katherine’s, Don’t Look Back and the 100 year old man. That doesn’t always happen though 😉

If you would like to see a review of any of these, leave a comment below!!! It is hard to gauge what my readers might want to see, so your feedback really helps me.

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June Favorites!

I won’t bore you with the details of how long it took me to get a photo of the liquid eye liner I’m about to show you that wasn’t a giant blur of a rolling makeup product and just jump right into my rant about my loves of this month.


OK, bad photo, I know but I tried guys! Though you can’t tell this is the Jordana Fabuliner in 01 black. It is a felt tip so beginners need not fret; you can totally use a liquid eye liner! I highly recommend this one to both beginners and advanced makeup gals because of its high pigmentation, especially for the price.


Boy does my hand look like a large elephant at this awkward angle but I swear to you, that swatch was a quick swipe of the liner with almost no pressure on it, and this isn’t even a new liner. I bought this one a year or two ago and rather than dry out or turn gray, it has maintained amazing pigmentation. Perhaps its a little worse than it was the day I bought it but that is one jet black eyeliner right there. It is a 1.99 at most drugstores, like Walgreen’s and Rite Aid.



What is this colorful thing I have laid before your eyes? Why, it is an eye shadow palette. From urban decay? No. From lorac? No. Maybelline? Nope. Forever 21 of all places. Its called the “smokey palette”. I actually bought this for use on prom night and I’ve discovered not only did it do a great job for that, it is great for day/natural looks too. It was 6.80. I appreciate the range of colors in here, from 2 shades of black all the way to a shimmery white. There isn’t too much diversity in terms of matte and shimmers but all in all a great palette. My favorite shades are the one that is the seventh from the bottom in the first photo and the second from the bottom.


And last of the beauty favorites, brushes! I’m sure all of you have heard of these-if you wear makeup, that is- and these are two of the Real Techniques brushes. I finally got my hands on the travel essentials kit and while I’m a fan of all the brushes, these two are my favorites. The purple one is the domed shadow brush and it works flawlessly to blend out the crease. The large pink one is amazing for blush and bronzer. (which I always get tongue tied saying and say, “blonzer.” True story.) Now, do I wear blush and bronzer all the time? No. Do I even wear makeup that often? No. But I know good brushes when I try them, and these are the real deal. (Hah, get it?)

And drumroll please for my book favorite of the month….

Why aren’t you drumrolling?

Fine. It is, surprise surprise….

Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout!!!
I already returned my copy to the library so I couldn’t take a photo for you but if you want to know more about it, please read my review I did two posts ago. I did a full break down of my thoughts from writing quality to entertainment to the characters.

What are your favorite things of the month? Books, foods, anything!
Have a great day and I’ll see you in my next post!

P.S want a full review of anything I mentioned in this post? (I.e swatches of the eye shadows) let me know in the comments and I will be sure to.