My 2016 Year in Books Survey

The 7th annual End-of-Year Book Survey is hosted by Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner. (I love that blog name!) The questions made me curious, so I figured I would share my results with all of you. 2016 Reading Stats Number of … Continue reading

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This means a lot to me. Books and Palettes has received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! THANK YOU TO “Emalie” (I now know that is not her real name, haha!)  for the nomination!


1. Thank and link to the blogger that nominated you
2. Display the award and list the rules
3. Share 7 facts about yourself
4. Nominate some other inspiring bloggers and comment on their blogs so they know you nominated them.

*Drumroll please*

1. I have two middle names! But I’m not telling you them because I’m sneaky, hehe.

2. I’m afraid of heights and deep water. Agh, both are scary.

3. I know how to drive but I have not taken my road test yet. I’ll get around to that eventually!

4. I have an Xbox 360 in my room and love love love it! It is both a blessing and a curse, though, since now that it is in my room staring at me all day I can totally just play it whenever I want instead of reading or doing homework…

5. I want to dye my hair but I love too many colors.. Blue, purple, red…all three??

6. Big Hero 6 is my new favorite movie!

7. But I still love The Amazing Spiderman movies and Captain America: Winter Soldier.

My nominees are:

❤ and have an awesome weekend!

– Christina

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Two Truths and One Lie?!?!

Here’s a fun game to get you through this hectic week; two truths and one lie!

Two of the following statements are true, and one is not. Leave your guess if the lie in the comments below!

Set 1

1. I hate sweet potatoes
2. I have only been on an airplane once
3. I have had a black eye

Set 2- books edition!
1. My favorite picture book was Blueberry Mouse by Alice Low
2. I have read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
3. I am currently reading two books

Let’s see how well you can guess! 🙂

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The Beauty of Books TAG!

So for all you book loving gals, I decided to make this tag. I don’t think this tag exists already, and it isn’t based off of anything I’ve seen before, so here you are; a tag I created for blogs and booktube.

Because this blog is about books and beauty, I thought it was fitting to create a tag that combines the two!

The Questions:

Eyeliner: Tell us about a book that defines who you are or that means a lot to you personally, and then show us your favorite eyeliner.
Mascara: You can’t leave the house without mascara. It brightens your eyes and makes you look more awake after a night of not-so-much sleep. What’s one book you stayed up late to read? Then, show us your favorite mascara.
Lip Balm: The best lip balms are sweet and smooth. Give us a sweet, easy read. Then, show us your favorite lip balm.
Concealer: A book you are embarrassed to say you’ve read or own.
Nail Polish: Nail polish is like an accessory. Show us a book with a beautiful cover. Then, show us what is on your nails, if anything.
Sunscreen: Sunscreen goes hand in hand with the beach. Show us a book that takes place at or near a beach. Also, what are your favorite beach reads?
Makeup Remover: Sometimes the look you create is disappointing, so you break out the makeup remover to clear the evidence. What is a book you wanted to like that ended up disappointing you?

And of course, if you’d like, what makeup are you wearing today?

I tag all of YOU to do this tag! Get this tag spreading ladies!
If you do the tag, link to your post in the comments below so I can see!! 🙂

One Lovely Blog Award!


So many awards, so little time! I’ve been blogging for only two months or so, but wow, the response has been amazing! Thank you to all of you who read, like, share and comment on my posts, and to all who nominate me for these awards!

This nomination came from

Here are the rules of the award:
– Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
– List the rules and display the award
– Add 7 facts about yourself
– Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they were nominated
– Follow the person who nominated you

7 Facts about Me
1. I am a vegetarian; I always have been, although I am the only vegetarian in my family!
2. My first language is English, but I am currently learning French and ASL.
3. My favorite animal is the elephant.
4. I do not know how to ride a bike.
5. My favorite color is blue.
6. I LOVE chocolate!
7. I had a tooth pulled today. (I even had to go to work right after; it felt so weird to speak with my gums being completely numb. Be glad you didn’t see this experience in person!)

Now I think 15 nominees is a LOT!! I don’t even know if I follow 15 blogs that haven’t done this award!! But let’s see…

My nominees are…

Sorry for the lack of nominations but I’d rather pick a select few people who I think deserve it than pick 15 random bloggers!

Thanks again for the nomination!

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Would you Rather: Books Edition!

RayKayBooks on YouTube came up with this awesome Booktube tag last May and I thought I’d do it for you today!

The Questions

Would you Rather…
1. Read only trilogies or stand alones?
Stand alones, simply because reading trilogies means being bound to reading three books all about the same thing, whether you liked the book or not. I’d rather save myself the monotony and boredom and keep moving on to other awesome books!

2. Read only female or male authors?
Uh… Female, I guess? Solely because some of my favorite authors happen to be females.

3. Shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?
Barnes and Noble!!! Who doesn’t love the experience of physically touching the books and smelling the Starbucks and walking through the aisles of lovely literature.

4. All books become movies or T.V shows?
Hm. If I loved the book, it’d be cool to see it on a TV show since these series’ would last for extended periods of time. But movies get to the point. I pick movies.

5. Be a professional reviewer or author?
Uh oh. I want to be both! Nooo! If I was a reviewer, I could read lots of books all the time which would be heaven. As a writer, I’d be published which is also awesome. Eek…. I’m going to (cringe) and go with professional writer.

6. Only read your top 20 books over and over again or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?
Second option since that is what I do now!

7. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?
5 books per week! Only five pages a day sounds like some form of book blogger torture.

8. Be a librarian or a book seller?
I’m basically a librarian now so… Librarian!

9. Only read your favorite genre or every genre but your favorite!
Only read my favorite genre!

10. Only read physical books or ebooks?
Physical books for the win! I wrote a long research paper on this last year defending print books. Good times…

Want to do this tag? I tag all of YOU! 🙂

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Reading Pet Peeves

Warning: This post will probably consist of a rant and a few memes. Don’t judge..

We all have pet peeves. People tailgating your car, people cracking their knuckles, children not washing their hands… But how about reading pet peeves? As a book blogger, you can assume I do a fair amount of reading. Surely, there must be something I hate.

Pet Peeves
1. People eating in the library
They even eat right under the “Do not bring food or drinks into the library” sign! Then a week later, I’m making a book display and a happy little ant farm gets very angry at me.


Image from

2. People tutoring right where I am trying to shelve
Then when you make any noise at all, they stare at you like you just gave them even more homework to go over. Which looks like this-


Image from

3. People shelving books around the metal book ends
This results in some really pet peevish books. They are super dogearred and folded, crushed and ripped.

I couldn’t find an image of this but oh. My. God. Google “books with folded pages” under images. It is beautiful. (Until you realize what that book is going to look like unfolded…)

4. People eating messy meals while reading
It’s not pleasant finding your spaghetti dinner on page 30.

5. People reading the end first
I had friends who did this for every book. I could not wrap my head around it. You won’t understand anything if you read the end first! You’d ruin the ending! But a lot of people do it I suppose.

6. Typos in books!
Perhaps this is why I was Copy Editor of my school newspaper. I see everything! All I see are those typos staring me in the face.


And lastly, at least of the pet peeves I can think of…

7. People who hate reading!


Image found on Google Images

Howcanyouhatereading?What?Readingisamazingitsthebestthingthateverhappenedtome.Youcan’thatereading!Whataboutshortstories?Ormysteries?Booksthataremovies?anything?no? What do you do all day?

Did you get any of that? No, since that is probably how I’d respond; panicked gibberish and many questions!

What are your reading pet peeves, or pet peeves in general? Leave a comment below!

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